Our missionDrive impact by leading shared efforts that engage diverse people, ideas, and resources.
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How you helpYou, the volunteer, make things happen in your communities. Without you, we would not be able to provide the services that we do. Last year, Volunteer Connections helped connect over 560 volunteers to our internal programming and that of our Community and Funded Partner Agencies and have facilitated over 1,000 volunteers connecting through events and National Days of Service. Their volunteer time had a value of over $75,300.
About usUnited Way envisions a community UNITED to create better opportunities where everyone achieves their potential through quality education, financial stability, and healthy lifestyles. A steward of the community and to be a catalyst for change that mobilizes a caring community to improve all people’s lives. United Way is an inclusive organization that fights for everyone in our community. We work towards equity in schools, jobs, and health care to ensure that the basic rights and freedoms of everyone are protected.
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