Our missionTo put Christian faith and principles into practice through programs that build a healthy body, mind, and spirit for all, in an environment that fosters a wholesome relationship between man and God's creation.
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About usHillsdale County has a rich history of providing a camping experience for the children of the community that dates back to the early 1900s. Thanks to the efforts of many businessmen in the community, the vision of Kimball Camp YMCA was born. On March 18, 1938, Mr. and Mrs. O.C. Kimball purchased the land and began to build the first Kimball Camp YMCA structures. They were modest beginnings with just a few permanent structures but Kimball’s vision was much grander. Over the years, with the help of many businessmen and volunteers, the camp was transformed into a beautiful, fully functioning, thriving summer camp. In addition to the trees, wells, sleeping cabins, and a beautiful new log lodge complete with dining facilities and a fieldstone fireplace, Kimball Camp YMCA was donated by Mr. Kimball to the Hillsdale County YMCA. The camp has gone through many stages throughout the last 77 years but the most devastating was April of 1965 when a series of tornados wiped out the entire camp. The community rallied together and refused to let the Kimball Camp YMCA experience end. They decided it was too important to the community and to the children. Kimball Camp YMCA was rebuilt, bigger and better than ever due to the overwhelming support of the community.
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