The Kalamazoo Drop-In Child Care Center (KDCCC)

Our missionTo provide income eligible families with children ages 0-5 years, free, part-time, educationally rich child care, parent education, and support.
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How you helpEach day, KDCCC utilizes Volunteers from all walks of life to work with our children alongside our experienced KDCCC Staff. Volunteers will learn effective parenting skills, basic child development, and appropriate ways to interact with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. They also experience the joy of caring for a fun and diverse group of children. Volunteers are never left alone with children and are always supervised by KDCCC Staff.
About usThe Kalamazoo Drop-In Child Care Center (KDCCC) was established to provide free, part-time child care for income-eligible families with children age six weeks through five years old. The objectives of our service are to enable parents with young children to more rapidly negotiate the maze of appointments and services often required to obtain employment, permanent housing, register for school or attend classes and achieve eventual self-sufficiency. We also give parents a “healthy” break from the demands of parenting. We have created a warm, safe, and supportive environment for children and their parents.
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