Our missionWe water the seed of inner strength in homeless women so they can make a better life for themselves and their children.
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How you helpStaff and volunteers help women identify goals to succeed as the heads of their families.
About usWe are a homeless women's shelter located in Saginaw, Michigan. We are blessed to be part of a generous, loving community! Since our founding, an important part of our ministry has included helping our guests with starter items for what may be the first home of their own. Over the years, a section of our basement grew to off-site storage areas and what staff and volunteers lovingly called our “giveaway center,” occupying several rooms at SS Peter & Paul Church. In early 2019, a group of dedicated volunteers helped us move this center to buildings on Ring and Burnham Streets in Saginaw. Soon after this move, we decided it was time to give the growing ministry a name. The image of a mother bird feathering its nest was often in our minds because just as a mother bird selects the right elements to make its nest a warm, inviting home, so do our NEST volunteers.
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