Our missionThe mission of our dedicated staff and wonderful volunteers is to create an environment of love and acceptance for teens. Through quality time, activities, learning, helpfulness, conversation, and fun, our team is completely focused on making sure that all of our students feel ownership over their lives and the center that they can call their own.
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About usIn the fall of 2018, Pastor Wendy Valentine of the Beacon Church in Jackson Michigan had a vision to provide a safe place for teens in Hanover. This was a vision that was loudly confirmed by others in the community, some of which who are now staff members at the center. Her goal was to make a place that invited all teens of all ages and all experiences to come and be with each other, be around caring adults, and experience community with new friends empowering them to reach their full potential. ​ After presenting this idea to university classes, churches, and other community members, it was resoundingly clear that this center was a need in the Hanover community. After generous funding provided by donations and grants, and the amazing cooperation of the American Leigon, The Xchange Teen Center took off in January of 2019. As our center continues to grow, we continue to look forward, dreaming bigger as we grow what we know is a wonderful community resource for our students.
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