To assist victims/survivors and their families in ending domestic and sexual violence and discrimination in their lives through education, systems change, building community partnerships, and ensuring availability and accessibility of supportive services.

To advance the safety, independence, and economic stability of those most affected by poverty, racism, and other structurally oppressive systems by increasing access to justice and working for systemic solutions.

Provide appropriate crisis intervention – empathetic listening and empowerment counseling. Provide appropriate referral information to callers about community agencies. Thoroughly document crisis/referral calls on appropriate forms. 40 hours of training required.

To support survivors of domestic & sexual violence.

To strengthen lives in the community by providing shelter, counseling, and advocacy for those affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking.

To provide expert, comprehensive services in Southeast Michigan so that children who are impacted by abuse and neglect are able to make unique contributions to their communities.

To support domestic and sexual abuse survivors on their journey of healing and empower our community through education and awareness.

The mission of River House, Inc. is to provide safety and services to survivors of domestic and sexual abuse while promoting empowerment through education and advocacy.

Mend on the Move is a 501(c)(3) non-profit social enterprise serving Metro Detroit that empowers and employs women survivors of abuse through jewelry making using auto parts and salvaged car seat leather.

Maybe you’d like to help us out with Riverdays or volunteer at the Santa House during Christmas. You might even like visiting us at the Community Foundation to see how we can help you take your own ideas for community involvement and turn them into actions.

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