Monique Campbell

Monique Campbell

Hero Story
Monique Campbell

Second-term AmeriCorps member Monique Campbell was born and raised in Flint, giving her a deep personal connection to her service work in Flint Community Schools. As a single mother, she wanted to find a way to help children.

“I wanted to find any way to help, and AmeriCorps allowed me that chance,” Campbell said.

Through her service, Campbell observed how large of an impact the pandemic has had on children at Flint
Community Schools. “This pandemic has taken away so much from our students,” she noted. However, Campbell has noticed how the children have persevered and adapted to the challenging circumstances they were placed in. Despite the distance the pandemic has created, the children have learned how to find ways to connect and get the assistance they need.

“I have seen them actually open up more,” Campbell said. “They are more outspoken in asking for help.”

Serving with the Flint Community Schools Corps, Campbell’s role is a success mentor coordinator. She spends her time mentoring students that have been identified as chronically absent. Whether they need someone to talk to, help finding a tutor, or a general check-in, Campbell is always ready to step in. Through her role, Campbell has the opportunity to personally connect with students and form lasting relationships. The impact of this is immeasurable, as it gives students resources that set them up for success in the classroom.

“I get to know the families and the students on a different level, not just as a student in a classroom,” Campbell said.