Get Engaged

Get Engaged

Numerous efforts support nonprofit organizations in our region through funding, donated goods and services, capacity building or volunteer recruitment and management. The Cincinnati Cares platform expands upon these existing efforts. Our vision is to create value, both for the community and as a community.


Easily find organizations that share your values and how to connect with them.

Find volunteer opportunities that best align with your personal interests, location and level of commitment.

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Skills-Based Volunteers

Do you have skills and experiences you want to offer to organizations to help your favorite causes?

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Nonprofit Leaders

Are you a leader in a nonprofit organization? Leaders include those who recruit volunteers or those who need volunteers with specific skills.

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Organizers of Volunteers

Do you organize groups of volunteers in the community, and look for engaging opportunities for them?

Community Advisors

Do you serve as a connector and advisor to administrators of volunteers at local nonprofit organizations, or to organizers of volunteers in the community?

Encore Volunteers

Are you ready for an “Encore Experience” offering your skills and time to organizations to help your favorite causes?